ORI-EN Sake Set: Kick back, relax, and pour yourself a drink in style!

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. 

Give your “stay home” drinks a five-star feel with Artisan’s functional and fashionable double-walled sake set.

The insulating double walls make it possible to enjoy a drink at any temperature, keeping your reishu ice-cold and your atsukan piping hot.

Not to mention that its durable stainless steel body makes it perfect for the outdoors as well as at-home use.


Metalware for the Environment

There has been a push to choose reusable metalware over plastic, which is sourced from fossil fuels and harmful to the environment. Unlike single-use plastic or paper cups, the same piece of metalware can be used for years - even generations, if properly maintained. With that in mind, we encourage consumers to choose metalware utensils for a more sustainable future.

Handmade One-by-One by a Master Craftsman

Tsubame, Niigata is well-known as one of the foremost metalworking regions in Japan. It is a place where timeless tradition meets with technological innovation to create new and unique products. The ORI-EN brand demonstrates this by combining traditional metalworking techniques with new coloration processes.

Orii Blue: Innovation Born from the 400 Year-Old Practice of Takaoka Douki

Orii blue is a color named after master Takaoka douki craftsman Orii Hiroshi. Takaoka douki is a style of copperware made in Takaoka, Toyama - the largest production center of copper products in Japan. Mr. Orii developed a method of coloring copper and brass an elegant turquoise color. 

This technique involves using oxidation and corrosion on the metal to form a unique pattern and color for each handmade product - meaning that every item is a one-of-a-kind original.

The Birth of ORI-EN

Artisan is from Tsubame-Sanjo - an area famous for iron and stainless steel processing - so its products are made not from copper, but from steel, and it was said to be impossible to color them using Mr. Orii’s technique; however, through research and dedication, Mr. Orii found a way, and Artisan’s ORI-EN brand was born.

The easy-to-maintain durability of stainless steel combined with the aesthetic beauty of Takaoka douki is what makes ORI-EN the highly-rated product that it is. 


Sake set items:

Double-walled tokkuri bottle (180ml, 270ml, 360ml)

(Colors: antique silver, copper red, Orii blue)

Double-walled guinomi cups

(Colors: antique silver, copper red, Orii blue)

Guinomi cups

(Colors: antique silver, copper red, Orii blue)