Awa Omoi & Sustainable Development Goal 14: Cleaning Water Pollution, One Bar of Soap at a Time

The Grave Problem of Water Pollution

The amount of garbage in the ocean continues to increase every year, and if nothing changes, it is estimated that by 2050, the amount of trash in the ocean will be greater than the number of fish.

The most abundant source of garbage in the sea is plastic waste from human consumption - which affects both sea creatures and the ecosystem.

The effects of ocean pollution can be seen worldwide. One of the most concerning is the decline in marine life. Areas with high pollution levels are uninhabitable for sea creatures, and many perish as a result of the chemicals, oils, and trash that have been released into the ocean.

If this continues, it will have a great impact on human lives as well - particularly those who rely on fish for sustenance.

Not only will we have less seafood in our diet, but we will also have fewer fishermen. Since fishermen are also responsible for the conservation of the marine environment, a decrease in the number of fishermen could lead to further deterioration of the marine environment.

Domestic wastewater is also a cause of ocean pollution. Although many places now have sewage facilities, there are still places where domestic wastewater flows into rivers and reaches the ocean.

Domestic wastewater is wastewater from our daily lives, such as the water from kitchens, toilets, baths, and washing machines. Like factory wastewater, it contains a lot of harmful organic matter and microplastics that can cause dangerous phenomena such as red tides. Red tides are the result of a high concentration of harmful algae blooms, which release toxins into both the water and the air.

Cleaning our Planet, One Bar of Soap at a Time

The soap and other chemicals that we wash down our sinks can exacerbate water pollution, but Awa Omoi uses ingredients that clean the surrounding water instead of adding pollutants to it.

Excerpts from Customer Reviews

Disclaimer: The following opinions are personal experiences from Awa Omoi customers. Results will vary. These reviews are not to be taken as medical advice; please see a medical professional if you are experiencing health problems.

  • I tried using it as hand soap, and my hands felt so smooth that I almost forgot to apply my hand lotion!
  • When I used it as a shampoo, my hair became more voluminous and it deodorized my scalp!
  • Very cost-effective; you can wash both your body and your hair with it!
  • My pores became less visible when I used it to wash my face (using a foaming net).
  • My makeup stays better now that I’ve started using it to wash my face in the morning.
  • My skin feels less dry after taking a bath, since I started using it as a body wash.
  • I suffer from atopic dermatitis, and my skin became more beautiful after I started using it! My child uses it too!
  • It’s nice that I can use it on the more sensitive areas of my body.
  • Useful for my hemorrhoids.
  • It’s a good pet shampoo!
  • It removed the stains from my indoor shoes and clothes!
  • It removed the ballpoint pen stains from my clothing after I scrubbed it with the soap and then washed it. 
  • The ketchup and soy sauce stains on my clothes disappeared!
  • Leaving it by the toilet deodorized the bathroom! I don’t have to clean it as often anymore.
  • I use it to clean my bathtub and kitchen, and the water flows better now.
  • Even though I only use it to wash my body and my face, I was surprised to see that the bath drain was less slippery.
  • My kitchen exhaust fan is cleaner, and the water in my sink drains more smoothly.
  • It’s gentle on my hands, and it’s good for cleaning! It doesn’t make my hands chafe, and my home has much better feng shui.

Buy Awa Omoi

1 pack (80g×4 bars)

Awa Omoi contains no fragrances, metal sequestering agents, preservatives, or synthetic surfactants, and is 100% natural soap, made with the photocatalyst Trinity Z and water-soluble silicones.

The makers of Awa Omoi strongly believe that the soap you use daily should be gentle on your skin, so people with sensitive skin can rest assured that it was made with them in mind. The foam gets rid of hard-to-remove oil stains and unpleasant odors with ease, while germs and other harmful materials get adsorbed by Trinity Z, removing pollutants from the local water.

Not only is it good for washing dishes, the soap that goes down the drain also cleans the environment for a “double-wash.”


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