Support Disabled Workers with Aono Cookies

NPO Ao no Oka Workshop in Nyuzen, Toyama provides residents with disabilities with job opportunities, as well as skills and knowledge that will prove useful for their future careers.

Primary Services

・Manufacture/Sales of Baked Goods

・Bento Delivery

・Oshibana Dried Flower Products

・Parts Processing Subcontractor

・Agricultural Work for the Local Community

・Cleaning and Car-Washing Services

Photo: The New “Lavoro Ao no Oka”

【Baked with Love】

Aono Cookies are the pride of the bakers of Ao no Oka Workshop, who put their heart and soul into making these delicious sweets. This assortment includes the five most popular cookies in their baked goods lineup.

The box designs were drawn by members of the Ao no Oka team.

Cookies packaged with the blue logo were made with those with egg allergies in mind. 

Blue logo = Egg-free (*contains milk, nuts, gluten)

Orange logo = Eggs included


Revitalize struggling welfare workplaces for people with disabilities with a small donation!

Due to COVID-19, many workplaces for people with disabilities are experiencing a decline in revenue, casting a shadow over the lives of their users.

This is due to a decrease in sales opportunities for their product and a slump in the number of orders they receive from customers. If this continues, many people with disabilities may lose their jobs.

These products are made with love by people with various disabilities, who learn to be successful in society and experience the joy of working. 

Aono Cookies represent some of the best of what these workplaces can offer. 

In addition to enjoying them at home during tea time, they are increasingly being used as souvenirs for customers as corporate gifts. The consumption of such products is called "ethical consumption," and is an initiative related to the 12th Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), "Responsible Consumption and Production," adopted by the United Nations in September 2015. 

Both your taste buds and your heart will be happy, guaranteed.

《Product Information》

Homemade Cookies: 5 types × 2 packs


【Rice flour (milk)】Rice flour, butter, margarine, granulated sugar, milk, deep sea water, salt

【Snowballs】All-purpose flour, butter, margarine, granulated sugar, walnuts, sliced almonds, powdered sugar, salt

【Double Chocolate】All-purpose flour, granulated sugar, butter, margarine, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, salt

【Green Buckwheat】All-purpose flour, butter, margarine, green buckwheat, sugar, salt

【Heartful Pie】Wheat flour, animal fats, various oils, eggs, salt, skim milk powder, milk fat, whole milk powder, emulsifier, natural flavorings, antioxidant (vitamin E), carotene coloring (contains soybeans), granulated sugar

Amount: Approx. 500 grams

Best-by Period: 14 days

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight; keep away from high heat and moisture.


 NPO Kobo Ao no Oka

Toyama-ken, Shimoniikawa-gun, Nyuzen-machi, Doko 34-3

TEL 0765-72-2248

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